The First African-American King with New Clothes 

President Barack Obama could have been crowned King David of the blacks and browns in America for all eternity. The vast majority of all minorities believed in his monarchy. His Presidential legacy could have shined a brilliant light on the path to happiness and upper mobility for people of color. The President could have chosen to inspire us to seek an advanced education and labor within a faith-centered nuclear family lifestyle. He could have fortified our hope that bigotry has been cast away forever in the United States. His election and re-election made that abundantly clear. Instead, he lied about himself his suspect Fulbright Scholarship and circumspect citizenship and his true religious beliefs. While on the road less traveled, Barack Obama hid the flashlight batteries so the path to happiness appears dim for so many minorities. Most browns and blacks are angrier, less Christian, more suspicious of whites, while it gets darkest before the dawn of real leader of the United States of Latino origins or of color.  


“The protection guaranteed by the Amendments is much broader in scope. The makers of our Constitution undertook to secure conditions favorable to the pursuit of happiness. They recognized the significance of man’s spiritual nature, of his feelings, and of his intellect. They knew that only a part of the pain, pleasure and satisfactions of life are to be found in material things. They sought to protect Americans in their beliefs, their thoughts, their emotions and their sensations. They conferred, as against the Government, the right to be let alone—the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men. To protect that right, every unjustifiable intrusion by the Government upon the privacy of the individual, whatever the means employed, must be deemed a violation of the Fourth Amendment. And the use, as evidence in a criminal proceeding, of facts ascertained by such intrusion must be deemed a violation of the Fifth."

Dissenting Opinion Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis

[Olmstead v. United States, 277 U.S. 438 (1928) ]

The False Promise of Collectivism                                                                                                                                             

How is it that collectivism is still sold as a legitimate option for humankind? Where in the story of the human experience has an openly undisciplined Social-Political compact of statism, raised a large segment of society to a higher standard of living?  

Ayn Rand's writings about Objectivism should be prerequisite reading in middle school through high school graduation. Instead of textbooks and multiple choice exams on Government, spelling out the truth about individualism and the infinite possibility of self-actualization without government would be more beneficial for society. Coercion is not an ingredient to the success of an economic ecosystem. Becuase Ayn Rand was a devout atheist, it did not discard her theories as illegitimate. But it gave liars and socialists a narrative to delegitimize her theory on self-reliance. After all, Ayn Rand was born Russian. She experienced first hand the counterculture of totalitarianism. Despots have to use socialism to get to communism while eliminating political opposition with a gun. This form of collectivism is responsible for more loss of life than any other form of government. Who empowers these movements and miscreants in places like Cuba, North Korea and most recently Venezuela? The poorest people being used by the corruptible in a hierarchy of thieves.  

If you do not agree with her assessment of the self-righteousness empowerment, what is the alternative? Ask yourself who are the most likely individuals to have grievances about the lack of fairness and equality in society? Who are the ones claiming there is a fix whereby 'the rich to get richer'? Who are those who profess that 'they' are denying us the opportunity to succeed? Who is always accusing the righteous as extreme? Liberal politicians, Statist sociopaths, the haplessly bipolar leaders and most of all, adolescents. These four types of people suffer from the naive belief that 'the deck is stacked against me' mantra. Altogether these thought processes scratch a person's psychological hard drive. Thus TheFiscals will call it the " Progressivirus." It is not selfish, arrogant nor a subjective to concentrate on oneself; raising the level of your abilities and setting an example within your sphere of influence. By perfecting your craft for the individual interest will be your example will speak volumes and increase the level of conviction of the common interest. Individuals striving for perfection, Americans can make the quantum leap to a perfect union.

The Democratic Party as majority party represent the faithless and hapless masses. It has failed minorities socially, economically and morally. It is time for Blacks and Browns to abandon the party of collectivism or perish as a nation. It is a time that minorities stand united as independent states of conservatives or split as states in economic alliances.

Let's study the collective notion from a different perspective.

It is a fact that the most vital decisions made on your behalf occurred in your absence. The best example of this is when your Mother decided to love you intimately and unconditionally. It also applies to the gracious moment when a stranger gave you a job for pay. The position leads to empowerment that led to greener perspective and "know how." Hard work always avails itself as hard luck. Opportunities come your way without your awareness. Once obvious it is you alone to awaken yourself without fear and take a step. A Wise man once said, " take a step no more no less, and the next step is revealed." The greater opportunity, the greater the obligations the greatest of accomplishments. If you are still not convinced, ponder this indisputable reality.   

The moment your biological parents out of pure selfish exclusively possessed passion and pleasure resulted in your ultimate benefit without the invitation to be human with all the intellect and desire to love and feel love. It is your obligation to prosper and be rich emotionally and spiritually. Then pass on your good fortune to your offspring.

The moment your biological parents out of pure selfish exclusively possessed passion and pleasure resulted in your ultimate benefit without the invitation to be human with all the intellect and desire to love and feel love. It is your obligation to prosper and be rich emotionally and spiritually. Then pass on your good fortune to your offspring.

The moment your biological parents out of pure selfish exclusively possessed passion and pleasure resulted in your ultimate benefit without the invitation to be human with all the intellect and desire to love and feel love. It is your obligation to prosper and be rich emotionally and spiritually. Then pass on your good fortune to your offspring.

If the beginning commences in this manner, what exactly in the Bill of Rights of the United States are you entitled to? In the grand scheme of things without obedience and sacrifice to preserve your rights based on gratitude and obligation, there is no path for which happiness is to follow. Once you grasp this basic premise, you will no longer feel the change you seek without government. TheFiscals theories on reinventing American Government is based on creativity to widen the path to happiness as a new sphere of influences other than the government policies will follow.

Consider the strong possibility that all of the x-factors to your benefit in life, occurred in your absence. Life's most vital decision is unequivocal and oblivious; your conception.


" A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others."

                                                                                                                                                                                    - Ayn Rand

The Quiz

Let's begin with the Presidential history of The United States.

Do you believe the United States has become an enlightened nation as a result of the success of Progressive Statists of the 20th Century? Are We a Nation more reflective of our successes or our failures?


Did the Federal Government pass laws establish paradigms based on self-reliance, respect for free choice, and preservation of Liberty as professed by Presidents George Washington + John Adams + James Madison + Abraham Lincoln + Ronald Reagan?


Does America more resemble the master planned 'enlightened path' of tax policy of [ Theodore Roosevelt ] + [ Howard Taft ] x the foreign policy of [ Woodrow Wilson ] x [ Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Harry Truman ] x [ John F. Kennedy ] x social policy of [ Lyndon B. Johnson ] x [ Barack Obama ] ?


TheFiscals understand the natural balance of unexpected political events and the unintended consequences not realized until they are obvious to the common man. We also know its effect on historical documentation in the fictional recording of American history. We understand that to expect success as a Nation; everyone must have an opportunity to fail and redeem themselves again and again. This inequity of opportunity requires Government to limit its functions and eliminate its misplaced social engineering experiments on the American People. The founders understood this coercive tendency of expanded reach government power. Such policies that are disguised as Government benevolence contributions to society when in fact it is a liability to the welfare of the nation. The perfect example is Social Security and Tax on labor wages.

The government should only be involved in keeping the peace at home with strict enforcement of laws and limited appeals process. Abroad it must secure shipping lanes in the high seas for importation needs and wants and exportation of American goods and natural resources. Peace in the streets and dominance over Foreign and Domestic enemies who seek to steal our sanctity and pillage our resources is job number one. The rest is the resolve by the American people in trial and tribulation during the exercise of inexorable creativity to have a sense of the big idea. It is our desire to persist over all objections to articulate reinvention of these American paradigms that TheFiscals believe are keeping the American People from maintaining The United States the promise land for all liberty loving people around the world.

For this to continue in infinitum, TheFiscals are convinced that a working man's wages must be defined by law as private property, not income. It, therefore, can not be taxed for it is not income derived.

Once a laborer's pay is exchanged for invaluable and unique craft, acumen and skill as well as time discipline intents and effort, health and well-being that is uniquely theirs (yours) it cannot be taxed. Sweat equity is time-related that cannot be returned therefore the fruits of it in such an exchange of services to another financial benefit, or intrinsic value is yours to keep and spend on your pursuit of happiness. It is not earned income that requires additional factors of production and public infrastructure or peace and tranquility on the homeland that is provided by other taxes. These types of profits depend on many ecosystems financed and funded by the taxpayer through public bond initiatives, real estate taxes and the net profit of business enterprise that must be taxed to maintain to greater standard for generations.

More importantly, Capitalism success is a business environment where risk takers will invest from savings on big ideas. One must have the additional financial resources to make up for errors in judgment in a business plan, especially those made as result of unpredictable circumstances. This is commonplace in any free market. Even the Progressive Statists amongst us will agree less Government intrusion is a requirement to allow competition play out.

After all, Progressives are the richest amongst us on Wall Street and Main Street. Their supporters are amongst the finest Liberal minds in academia and the media, who take zero capital risk in real active businesses yet advocate for government largess. The two worlds are co-dependent in government dependency. Most Academics never employed anyone, are allowed to profess in the classroom, that self-determination is an artificial outcome without the collective. As they rewrite the history of success and failure, the collective concept is misconstrued as teamwork and community.

Conservatives have made every attempt to explain the American economic ecosystem of profit and wealth. Conservatives make it clear wealth is created by directly associating social income inequality of opportunity with human skill and talent. There are a give and take that liberal find it difficult to explain. It is as if the same ecosystem as a rare unfair phenomenon where the upper class is seizing the opportunity for themselves only. They have the proof by deceptively pointing to why so many people in America are 'working poor' with "the deck is stacked against them." Therefore the conclusion for statist is that the common man in general needs Government. This is insidious propaganda of despair and social envy accompanied by zero empowerment. Such ethos has ruined many a pinnacle power in the past.

The truth why so many live 'paychecks to paycheck' reality are solely the result of Statists advocating for a tax on wages, savings, and death after a working man's life. Wage earnings have zero intrinsic value once was exchanged for sweat equity. Imposing in this debased manner to slows upper mobility and grows a Nation of laborers without savings, instead of innovators and providers of jobs and work.


Both state capitalists and free market capitalists seek 70% of your wage income throughout you life, for their working capital. The difference is who and how they will stop you from keeping your money. Taxable income should be solely capital that is risked in public offering of shares on stock exchanges, real estate property that relies on increases in value based on public infrastructure by proximities as well as localities of schools, hospital, police stations, public transit and the like. It is also the legitimate rationale to tax material goods of fancy or sin in a retail purchase. 

The price the American People pay in taxing on wages is a false promise. For it is private property exchanged for skill and craft that is uniquely yours. Nevertheless, this illegitimate tax is upheld by the Supreme Court time and time again. If the 16th Amendment is not repealed, the Internal Revenue Service and State Department of Revenue will continue to receive, in one form of tax or another, 70% of all wage revenue earnings off the sweat of brows throughout our working lives. This is no different than in Communist China's State Capitalist system. 

Amendment 16 and 17 has not legally passed in all state legislatures. The proof that the State governments met the quorum vote criteria to ratify these Constitutional Amendments legitimately is suspect. The effect of the seventeenth [17] Amendments did eliminate Corporatism and bribing the State legislature to select the US Senator. The unintended consequence was the lost interest in State politics. 

Local voting power and its importance to the State was reversed. The effect is a complete psychological indifference for the States. State financial interest and protections for particular industries represented in Washington was lost. The idea the Framers sought for the State legislature to exercise their wisdom and chose the brightest amongst themselves to the US Senate. This exercise is the most important component of a Confederation of the States. Absent of this dynamic are the US Senators bought by Fortune 500 lobbyists. Local auspice and the Governor is not enough to influence to attract enterprise and recruit businesses to create jobs for their residents. 

The Federal Reserve Act passed on the Eve of Christmas in 1913. What are the chances that the quorum vote threshold in both Houses occurred that night? For the record, the press reported that there was a tremendous, tremendous amount of "pair votes." 

The Progressive Movement's 100th year anniversary was in 2012. Poverty in America has increased as a percentage of the total population of the United States. Public Education has not improved. The American worker no longer has an assembly line job to support a modern nuclear family. This results in the negative low birth rates seen in Europe. The failures of Liberalism are limitless in their ability to exacerbate poverty over decades without reproach. Now cities are burning, while police watch. When will we this cheap Liberal political sales pitch stop? 

The Republican Party is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome being held hostage by Democrats since 1911. This was the last year the GOP had 60 US Senators. The Democrats have had eleven filibuster-proof majorities since 1911. The Democrats also owned majorities in both houses of Congress from 1955 to 1984.   

The perfect example of misguided fear is Republicans advocating passing a Balanced Budget Amendment to the US Constitution. They are about to commit another monumental legislative blunder. Just like advancing Democrats platform for a one percent Income tax during Howard Taft's Presidency. The income tax was originated by Populists, the Socialist Labor Party and the Democratic Party platform of William Jennings Bryan. Similarly, a Balanced Budget Amendment will make Federal deficit spending unconstitutional. This paves the political narrative giving Statists a constitutional mandate to raise taxes to unforeseen levels to balance the Federal Budget. This the perfect false flag for their loyal Socialists to pass The Value Added Tax (VAT) as additional tax on the Corporate tax on businesses. 

Be very careful what you wish for my fellow Conservatives; Statists are like the knight on chessboard catching your Queen by surprise.

Life is a game of chess. To the free American, it appears to be a game of American football. Your field position is your present achievements or failures in life. Your play calling is time limited to seek a new set of downs not second chances. You are required to have a hierarchy of thought and actions in a practiced and disciplined game plan. You must understand when to punt and play defense for better field position later. You must know that settling for field goals early in a game makes all the difference in a victory when the game clock is at 00:00. Oftentimes multiple three-point scores are more reasonable to defend against the limited time than favorable against an unpredictable adversary. When the opportunity arises on third down and a short yard for new set downs, go long take the risk go for the touchdown instead. Before you claim victory, rest assured this is still chess, not football. Your queen must be positioned and effective, even though many pawns must be sacrificed for her to share your throne. You are king, you are alive, you are well prepared and you must remain the last man standing. Now you have won. The victory is sweet but temporary; the unpredictability of your success requires a new set of downs.

                                                                                                                     —MacontheRock ‘The Concrete Conservative’

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TheFiscals Entrance Exam

The following [10] Ten intuitive questions are an attempt to prove our point. We live in a world of fallacies of Political propagandists. It has formed our perception of what is radical and what is extreme. It has distorted our cultural values and the fabric that made Americans great people. These questions call into question this false propaganda as well as what it means to be a free person in a civilized society. These inquiries are considered politically correct assertions yet in an attempt to initiate a conversation with the reader to we prepare you for The Reinvention of the United States. To do so, we must convince citizens not to fear the change they seek.

These Ten [10] inquisitive assumptions reflect the accepted paradigms Americans never reconsider as baseless. TheFiscals desire to establish a baseline in order to set a hierarchy to take inventory of what you think is extreme, radical, unacceptable, or absurd in American society. If the Status quo is acceptable to you and you are convinced your children can grow up and proper as you have, just click away from this website after answering all Ten [10]. This site is not for you. If this exam piques your interest then proceed to the Reinventions We TheFiscals proposed to The American People.

1. Is the human population of the World increasing while land remains the same? If your answer is yes, watch the video, If your answer is no, watch a second time.

2. Did the most important decision in your life happen in your absence?

3. What is more indicative of a civilized Society? 

A. A jury of your peers incapable of convicting a rapist, pedophile or murderer who returns to perpetrate violent crimes upon the innocent again. 

B. A jury of your peers that mistakenly convicts an innocent person who is then executed by the death penalty. 

4. How great is a Nation that liberates enslaved people in Foreign lands thousands of miles away while coddling criminal tyranny 90 miles from its shores? 

5. Why is the US Currency called " The Dollar? " 

 6. Can the American people envision China's middle class having greater purchasing power than the entire US population by 2040? If so, what happens next? 

7. What has financially decimated America's middle class in the last 50 years? 

A. Economic Recessions

B. Wall Street Banks

C. No-fault divorce

D. The greed of the wealthiest [1%]

E. Public Education

F. None of the above 

8. Does 50 State Family Court provide a financial incentive to divorce, have out-of-wedlock births and enjoy single parenthood?

9. Does the American Dream also encompass your decedent's immediate upper mobility upon your death?

10. Should a Veteran of war, maimed or not, physically ill or not, be required to compete in the same labor market as the unemployed?

Some answers are never questioned 

None of the questions above have the right answers. What these questions reveal is how much of a statist you are and how misguided most of our assumptions are. Are the American people still seeking a perfect union if they are answering the question with debased premises?

The premise of these questions when analyzed counter-intuitively, is to reevaluate what it means to be civilized and what it is to be a conformist.   

TheFiscals premise is the understanding that "life is about choices, not lessons, and that these lessons are revealed in the irony and God-incidence of our choices."  

It is completely unnatural for human beings to work collectively. We have developed a psyche to seek individualistic goals based on skill practice and perfection. We desire a benefit that is either material or spiritual or both. This benefit is measure against others by comparison. Human intellect allows for reasoning in the basic concepts of love, hate, greed, revenge, redemption, and reconciliation. Individuals with uneven talents and aptitudes are capable of perfecting their crafts, even though they have an unequal opportunity and lack positive role models in their youth. The character trait to succeed only arrive from within anything in the collective is delusional.  

It is only the Statist, Socialist and anti-religious individuals believe in collective salvation. Only Government coercion offers collective misery. Communists are in denial since they seek fame and power with an insatiable desire to rule over all things. Only Liberal minds and Communists rationalize communal behavior as not modified little by little to redistribute wealth. This is the only method to make this prospect of equality seem achievable. 

Although there is no evidence throughout human history of sustained peace, war and poverty and natural disasters are guaranteed reality planet earth. You must win. The simple fact is that the population of the World keeps increasing and the inhabitable productive land remains the same, makes eternal peace impossible to achieve. The only concept that can ring eternally is a belief in something greater than oneself as the only antidote for hope in God as the greatest power if not corrupted by man.   

It is impossible to continue to live The America Dream with the annual onslaught of 75,000 to 100,000 new Federal Laws and regulations passed by Congress annually. TheFiscals aim to begin the dialog of reinvention at the Article V Convention of States to propose Amendments to the US Constitution. We are calling for a Constitutional Amendment for A Year of Repeal in US Congress every seventh legislative session. We are also calling for the Punch In -Punch Out Amendment to mandate 90% gavel to gavel attendance record for Congress to seek reelection. This idea is far more accountable than Term Limits proposal.  

The following is a study program to create a firewall to protect your mind from the Progressivirus in The World of Statist Progressives in Public Education. These Liberals and their Political Bipolar disorder have proposed a public policy for one hundred years. Think counter-intuitively for the rest of your lives, protect your creative mind to expect success, and vote for the candidate that does not mention the word reform in stump speeches and campaign literature.    

TheFiscals Reading Curriculum for all Reinvented Public High Schools

[Preferable to read in order* ] 

Understanding "The Progressivirus"

Propaganda - Edward Bernays

The Marketing of Evil - David Kupelian

How Evil Works - David Kupelian

The Road to Serfdom - Friedrick A. Hayek

The New Road to Serfdom - Daniel Hannan

Underdogma - Michael Prell

Understanding Progressives Intuitive Failure in Self-Reliance

The Creature from Jekyll Island - Edward Griffin

The Battle of Bretton Woods - Benn Stell

The Ominous Parallels - Leonard Peikoff

Rooseveltcare - Don Watkins

Freakonomics - Steve Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner

Objectivist Epistemology - Ayn Rand & Neil Irwin

Hermegeddon- Bill Bonner

Understanding a Sense of Center

Rediscover Catholicism - Michael Kelly 

Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

Abraham - Bruce Feiler

Criminalization Christianity - Janet l. Floger

Tipping Point - Malcolm Gladwell

Blink - Malcolm Gladwell

On Being Certain - Robert A. Burton, M.D.

Why We Make Mistakes - Joseph T. Hallinan

Understanding a Sense of Self

Understanding Objectivism - Leonard Peikoff

Something You Should Know - Clement Watt

The Magic of Thinking Big - David Schwartz, PH.D.

Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell

Gifting Hands - Ben Carson. M.D.

Think Big - Ben Carson, M.D.

Logically.... Fallacious - Bo Bennett

Understanding Central Planning in Public Education

Leipzig Connection - Paolo Lionni

Conform - Glenn Beck

Get Out Now- Mary Rice Hasson and Theresa Farnan

Objective Communication - Leonard Peikoff

Understanding America’s Manifest Destiny

America’s Prophet - Bruce Feiler

Liberty and Tyranny - Mark Levin

The Liberty Amendments - Mark Levin

Berlin 1961 - Fredrick Kempe

Reagan at Reykjavik - Ken Adelmann

Guantánamo - Jonathan M. Hansen

China: Fragile Superpower - Susan L. Shirk

Understanding Creativity

How To Be Like Walt - Pat Williams

The Starfish and The Spider - Ori Brafman & Rod A. Beckstrom

The Slight Edge - Jeff Olsen

Blink -Malcolm Gladwell

Understanding Freedom's Masquerade 

Freedomnomics - John R. Lott Jr. PH.

Dumbing Down The Courts - John Lott Jr. PH.D

Dreamers and Deceivers by Glenn Beck