"Let's show the scared world when the enemies of Liberty are everywhere; the American People are brave tigers of destiny and promise, not paper."


TheFiscals are advocating for the outright purchase by force of eminent domain, the Naval Air Station at Guantánamo Bay by exercising Article III in the Naval Station Lease of 1903 to enforce Article IV in the Treaty of Relations of 1934. The Naval Base lease, the Platt Amendment and the Treaty of Relations signed by the United States and the Free Republic Cuba have language addressing the serious concerns for the public health against infectious disease outbreaks in Cuba, threatening the return travel to the southern ports of the United States. Dengue and Cholera are still pervasive in Cuba today. Most recently, Leptospirosis, an infectious disease in animal urine that enters the drinking water supply that is contracted by humans and attacks the kidneys until fatal. It has been on a standard path to a pandemic in Cuba since March 2015.

The 1903 Guantánamo Bay [Gtmo] Naval Station Lease with the Republic of Cuba

Article III reads:

"While on the one hand the United States recognizes the continuance of the ultimate Sovereignty of the Republic of Cuba over the above described areas of land and water, on the other hand the Republic of Cuba consents that during the period of the occupation by the United States of said areas under the Terms of this Agreement, the United States shall exercise complete jurisdiction and control over and within said areas, with the right to acquire [under conditions to be hereafter agreed upon by the two Governments] for the Public purposes of the United States any land or other property therein by purchase or by exercise of eminent domain with full compensation to the owners thereof."


                           - Signed February 23, 1903

                     US President Theodore Roosevelt and 

          President of The Republic of Cuba Tomás Estrada de Palma   

The Platt Amendment (1903) obligated the Cuban Government to protect the Public health of the Southern Ports of the United States from pandemics: 

Clause V: "That the Government of Cuba will execute, and as far as necessary extend the plans already devised or other plans to be mutually agreed upon, for the sanitation of the Cities of the Island, to the end that a recurrence of any epidemic and infectious diseases may be prevented, thereby assuring protection to the People and commerce of Cuba, as well as to the commerce of the Southern Ports of the United States and the People residing therein." 

(note: Platt Amendment was repealed by a Treaty of Relations of 1934) 

Under Authority of The Treaty of Relations of 1934 

Infectious diseases have always been a Foreign Policy priority for the Government of The United States as such, language addressing the Public Health concern has dealt with all legal contracts and Treaties with The Republic of Cuba.

Article IV reads verbatim:

"If at any time in the future, a situation should arise that appears to point to an outbreak of contagious diseases in the Territory of either of the Contracting Parties, either of the two Governments shall, for its protection, and without its act being considered unfriendly, exercise freely and at its discretion the right to suspend communications between those of its Ports that it may designate in all or part of the Territory of the other part and for the period that it may consider to be advisable." 

Both the clause in the lease and the article in the treaty permit the outright purchase the Naval Air Station at Guantánamo Bay by eminent domain. These agreements are in full force by the United States and The Republic of Cuba. This language addresses the pressing concerns of the United States Government for the public health and well-being against infectious disease outbreaks in Cuba. The United States sought these protections to protect the general population at large to the southern ports of the United States from returning travel to the island. Dengue and cholera are still pervasive in Cuba today.

Additionally, most recently, leptospirosis is on a common path to a pandemic status in Cuba. Leptospirosis is an infectious disease first reported in March 2015, in animal urine on the island. This contamination enters the drinking water supply and is contracted by humans, causing kidney failure and death. The United States can enforce these Articles for present circumstances have triggered pandemic health events on the island.

US Interests Section in Cuba posted travel warnings in August 2013 to American visiting concerning a pandemic of dengue and cholera. These two contagious diseases have spread throughout the island of Cuba since Hurricane Ike in 2008, damaging the sewer system and broken floodgates, allowing sewer water to penetrate rivers throughout the island. The earthquake in Haiti in 2010 contributed to expanding outbreaks of cholera when sewage wastewater from an encampment of Nepalese UN aid workers contaminated a river. It is believed that Cuban physicians and aid workers sent to Haiti mission returned home with various forms of infectious diseases.

GitmoFreeZone can be redeveloped as a quarantine facility for monitoring the pandemic of dengue and cholera in Cuba while constructing the ultimate Rest, Recreation and Rehabilitation (R&R&R) for our veterans on the war on terror. It is far greater value and ideal to redevelop the naval station for war veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq instead of a terrorist interrogation camp. This narrative only benefits the socialists that advocate returning the Naval Station to Cuba. The prison facility encompasses less than [200] two hundred acres within a [43] forty-three-square-mile base. The legal grounds are well documented to initiate the project by the Department of Defense to ensure the healthy return all American travelers from Cuba to the United States.

The free zone component of the entire base and its surroundings is the second phase to assure the US Government development as the whole is self-sustaining. Eliminating the cost to maintain the Department of Navy Naval Air station portion of the base going forward, is consistent with the mandates and directives established by the Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC). A retrofitted and modernized Guantánamo Bay will be more efficient to meet the immigration processing needs in the eventuality of the mass exodus with the finality of the Raul Castro dictatorship is apparent. The auxiliary purpose is to have a housing component able to handle a massive exodus of Cubans of one hundred thousand refugees a year or more to be relocated GitmoFreezone instead of South Florida. Miami-Dads County Public Schools is terribly mismanaged as experiences pervasive overcrowding in the majority of their school facilities and considerable dilapidated facilities and persistent overcrowding in Miami-Dade public school system. Cubans can then establish US residency at the Guantánamo Free Zone instead.

Guantánamo Bay Naval Air Station is the perfect location geographically for real revitalization of Cuba to compete with China's efforts on the rest of the island. Guantánamo is split in the middle with Cuba's deepest basin deepwater capable mooring large container ships and gantry cranes for entry of large American freighters carrying wet concrete mix, construction materials and all necessary cargo for mass scale remote real estate development.

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Is the United States losing the war on terror?

America's top priority and primary motivation to redevelop Guantánamo Bay as the most magnificent Rest and Recreation and Rehabilitation (R&R&R) in the world are to set of example to all allied powers. All homeless veterans suffering from post-traumatic brain injury will be welcomed at Gitmofreezone on the condition they build a home or series of townhouse condominiums on the base. By establishing a such a community with psychiatric facility on every street corner, the Veterans Administration will be put on notice that the private sector is prepared to take their job.

The United States won the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the US is losing the battle at home as combat veterans are committing suicide two per day or more. It is a terrible reflection of American culture as callous. Soldier suicide on the homeland exceeds combat fatalities on the battlefield. The general public must demand of our politicians to stop the mass suicide by offering them a new mission, a job building a community of homes for themselves and fellow wounded warriors in paradise. Guantánamo Bay, Cuba is the perfect expression of gratitude to our soldiers for defending our freedom. Invite them to build a shining city on the hill built by veterans for veterans. This free territory within a communist country it a fitting place ‘to dream a little dream' as the "The Disney World for Soldiers." This sanctuary would have handicapped access with a clinic on every corner, schools and colleges campuses on every hill. It would put the US Veterans Administration on notice that private institutions are correcting the organizational malaise. This redevelopment s the perfect method to right the wrongs the Veterans Administration is guilty of mishandling.

The timeline of development can commence by modernizing the Naval hospital as an expanded medical center rivaling Walter Reed in Germany or the Houston Medical Center in Texas. The Gitmo Medical Center should include the most advanced technology in prosthetics, advanced counseling research techniques to care for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the research facilities necessary to combat psychological disabilities of war. This great idea has a sense of urgency and obligation to our military because their contribution and sacrifice was in vain because of progressivirus infected liberal Commander-in-Chief once again appeased and apologized to our enemies.

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

—Martin Luther King, Jr.

GitmoFreeZone Today Assures >>>>>> A Volunteer Military Tomorrow

America's first foreign military base was GTMO. It consists of (43) forty-three square miles of base territory, with Cuba's deepest port, called Guantánamo Bay, in the middle of the two land masses on either side. This territory is more extensive than Miami-Dade County, Florida (population: 2.4 million). When asked why put the resources in a foreign base, not the domestic base? The answer is merely to expand Guantánamo or lose it to international diplomatic pressure. The UN has been calling for the return Guantánamo Naval Air Station territory to a tiny enemy of the United States when it chose to put Communist Cuba on the UN Human Rights Commission. Redeveloping a dilapidated Cuba will require communication technologies post-Castro. Guantánamo naval base should the telecommunication epicenter that can provide freedom of speech in the surrounding area in Communist Cuba as free wireless internet access to dissidents. This freedom of access would sound the drumbeat to the Cuban people to move from Eastern Cuba to Western Cuba, away from dilapidated Havana.  

The opportunity to have Radio Martí Radio Communications from Miami intensified to reach more Cuban people by relocating it to the base. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) should authorize a more robust transmission signal for Radio Martí could to overcome Cuba's jamming of the present radio signal by allowing the broadcast Radio/TV Martí to originate from GitmoFreeZone.US The Cuban government's successful jamming abilities on South Florida's commercial AM stations in notable.  

It would be fitting to bring this renewed commitment to our soldiers and invite them to build that shining city of a free Republic within a communist island. Totalitarianism needs free market competition. Move the future of Cuba's prospects forward while offering employment opportunities and empowerment to our soldiers in Guantánamo Bay’s Naval Station’s redevelopment. Creating more jobs for veterans in all trades from residential development, commercial development to medical facilities creates a positive environment. Creating a medical campus allows the finest universities to establish research hospitals there by invitation of the Department of the Navy.

GitmoFreeZone's success will be the model to reinvent the Veterans Administration and its hospitals. Veterans of the War on Terror deserve a medical campus and a clinic on every street corner. requires the statesmanship of the US President in 2020 with the moral courage our president lacked in 1961. The world realizes how weak the US is militarily checkmated on the world stage by what appears to be a little barking Chihuahua behind barbed wire fences. Now comes Maoist Communists with a ship full US Treasury notes in their briefcase of IOU's, poised to unite with ‘Ol Red Square Soviet Communists to solidify a low-wage, state capitalist economy in Cuba. It is payback time, as it faces its new Battle for Chesapeake in the Port of Mariel.

What is the Tiger going to do? Set Sail or bury the hatch? Whose hand will be extended to the Cuban People further China's or the US? Let's show the world America is the Tiger of destiny and promise, not wet paper; you decide.