The Fiscals, Great Wall of Will


Attorney Fees for out court settlement in a divorce will be established on a flat fee basis, not on an hourly rate.   

The fee is established on a preset hierarchy of Court motions. The requirement is determined by the disputing spouses, desire to come to terms or go to court. This preferable to an open-ended discourse between the parties that emotionally charged. , most often opaque and subjective rudimentary procedure becomes a long drawn out court fight, motivated by complicit attorneys than warring spouses. The benefit of this new divorce regulations is to mitigate price manipulation to include a cap on compensation for different levels of marital discourse and dissolution.

These flat rate fees will be modified from time to time by each State's Bar Association's annual Executive Board Meeting. This meeting must occur every ten years from the date of the initial Flat Rate Divorce Law's passage and must be open to the public.

The Flat rate is originally set as follows:

A $10,000.00 maximum for Mediated Settlement Agreements (MSA) without deposition of separating spouses or third parties.

A $20,000.00 cap for a Marriage dissolution case that goes before a Judge in preliminary family court proceedings.

A $30,000.00 cap on Marriage dissolution that goes to Trial concerning custody of children to the Marriage and/or separation of assets without a signed Grace Period Marriage Pact. [See Homepage Pact]

NOTE: This standard fee table above is established by the Law's initial passage. Future legal fee increases are to be recommended by the Executive Board of individual State Bar Association then sponsored by a House of Representatives member in each respective State Legislature, then reconciled and/or amended in the State Senate and then onto the Governor for final signature.