The Fiscals, Great Wall of Will

TheGrand Party Mission Statement:

We TheFiscals, believe in empowering the American People to reinvent the United States and the American Family with bold affects not effects. These new paradigms are not reforms. These reinventions are ideas from outside a bigger box on the right side of history. We seek to instill creativity in government policies that obligates officials to use imagination and innovation to solve the riddle of government malignancy and pillage of taxpayers or get fired.  

TheFiscals seek to inspire a life of self-actualization, self-assurance, self-reliance, and self-employment without the Progressive Income Tax. This political environment requires that government's culture to be accustomed to a partnership in our endeavors not a guardianship of our succes.  

We believe in setting the standard for the reinvention of dynamic of passing legislation by repealing existing ineffectual rules of law with a Year of Repeal. TheFiscals reiterate this is paramount belief of upper mobility and the obligation of a free people. All labor is private property once compensated. Savings from our laborious activities intended for providing a higher quality of life to our descendants requires a 100% tax-free inheritance. 

Subsidized poverty was never intended to be a right. Yet free speech is. This requires the right to offend all those who do not believe in plausibility, viability, creativity, and sustainability of a private citizen to work without being taxed on wages. The intellectual desire to achieve self-reliance and to teach others to do the same is meaning of life. Any philosophy to the contrary for society is politically bipolar.