The Fiscals, Great Wall of Will

The Great Wall of Will

1. Is the United States of America prepared to embark on the most ambitious privately funded civil works project that cannot be scaled or tunneled under while permanently sealing the southern border with Mexico?  

  2. Can the American people inspire its brightest minds to dig a concrete foundation below the ground to sustain a 5-story superstructure above the ground to support a natural gas powered freight train that cuts through all Mexican drug tunnels on the southern border for 1900 miles?  

  3. Can the will of the American people, as a novel expression of American engineering not seen since the NASA Space program, reinvent how domestic cargo is distributed from west coast to east coast while reducing the carbon footprint on America's highways? 

  4. Can American oil and natural gas industries, construct pipelines to export their energies via this superstructure to the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, diminishing the role the Middle East plays in the world's energy supply?  

When the answer to all four questions is yes, the quagmire of a porous southern border is resolved forever.  

The ultimate accomplishment of this endeavor is the real promise of America. An America with higher wages for its middle class and lower energy costs to American industry and business interests. The Great Wall of Willl makes "Made in America" a reality again. The United States was reinvented by the Great American Railroad a century ago, why not allow it to do it again? At this moment the American railroad history will be making the greatest statement of all; build it is time for the Tenth [10th] Wonder of the World for 1900 miles.

" Will it. It will. I will. Will you? The Great Wall of Will. "


TheWillie Locomotives

These freight trains will be named "TheWillies."They are appropriately named for the railroad industry who normalized the use of structured times zones plus fittingly called as they 'will' arrive on time. The beauty of this gargantuan railway is that it requires digging a [50] fifty-foot underground foundation to support a rail line fifty [50] feet above the ground. This excavation will expose all arms and drug trafficking tunnels between Mexico and the United States. TheWillies make several stops along the four border states of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Each train stop will spur urban renewal as it becomes a distribution hub, employing thousands in some of the poorest border towns in the United States. Commerce across the southern United States will lead to the recovery of the entire nation as these new cities arise from the ashes of urban blight. Poor communities will become renewed with warehouse development and manufacturing centers employing millions instead of the drug gangs. American distribution and manufacturing companies will have reason to return to the United States as tax-free enterprise zones await them along the border. Private landowners, Ranchers, and Native Indian Reservations will be compensated with a special utility bond rights attached to their land deeds as just compensation for the line's encroachment on private land.

Think Bigger Let the Private Sector Mitigate the Crisis

All Americans are called upon to rise above all perceived misconceptions about physically sealing the southern border. Only the political left and statist environmentalists, cattle ranchers and Native-American Indians prefer a continuation of the illegal immigration crisis. These interest groups ban together in unity in voicing objection to physically sealing the southern border between Mexico and the United States. TheGWW is the only idea that pays for itself and provides an economic engine that is both constructive and purposeful for the people of the United States to prosper. All other physical barriers only serve to expand police power and the national security state with taxpayer money. This is the typical formula of pouring good money after bad money of which American taxpayers cannot afford. Let's design and build a massive (50) fifty-foot concrete "Y" shaped bulwark, to sustain a Railway along the entire nineteen hundred mile Mexican-American border. This superstructure is the most innovative method to move cargo from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean while it reinvents the whole distribution network of consumer goods to the continental United States. Establishing a freight line on the 1900 mile railroad stretching from San Diego, California to Brownsville, Texas, while competing with the Panama Canal for cargo distribution. When completed it will be considered the most rapid and efficient method to transfer cargo from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean in the 21st century. 

The Great Wall of Will superstructure also includes an encased natural gas pipeline to export to foreign markets. From a geopolitical standpoint, America becoming a major supplier of energy eliminates the economic leverage Russia has in Europe, and the Middle East emirs and mullahs have on the petrodollar as the world's currency. The GWW rail line will be the most cost efficient method to transport cargo domestically within the United States while reducing the carbon footprint on America's highways as the long distance traveled by diesel trucks treks West to East-East to West, nationwide. This new route south up north reduce the commute routes for Trucking services. 

Note: The Great Wall of Will is the ultimate a private sector stimulus package on steroids. Such a grandiose idea has not been envisioned since the construction of The Hoover Dam or the completion of Panama Canal.

GWW Enterprise Tax-Free Zone 

We TheFiscals, seek the increase in wages across all trades. Increases in wages can only occur when the economy is not hindered by excessive taxes and low wage labor provided by illegal immigrants in the labor pool instead of from the labor supply of US citizens.

All the American manufacturing presently being conducted in China will need a place to 'flock back to' geographically within the United States. It makes sense that such locations be designated as GWW Enterprise Tax-Free Zones abutting the rail line. These Enterprise Zones will be established in the surrounding suburbs in the proximity of the train station depot stops.

The Staggers Act of 1980

Historically, the American railroad industry, unlike the airline industry, benefited from the correct use of federal deregulation. The Staggers Act of 1980 allowed the locomotive rail industry to police themselves and create efficiencies of scale by successfully lowering shipping rates to customers while increasing freight volume and profitability. Running parallel to this reinvention of the industry, railway companies invested over $575 Billion in infrastructural improvements to the 140,000 miles of American railroads nationwide.

This combination of the locomotive industry knows how and grand vision of a US President, will result in the return of millions of manufacturing jobs to border states of the United States. It will also be a masterpiece of American engineering that will renew national sovereignty, American pride, and the promise to reignite the same American ingenuity that completed the Panama Canal, the Hoover Dam, and NASA space program. 

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TheBorderBank of The United States

TheGWW project will be privately funded by a National Infrastructure Bank owned by the citizens of the United States, not the US Government. President Bill Clinton first proposed the original idea of an Infrastructure Bank. A public offering of shares on the NY Stock Exchange or NASDAQ would take place once the Federal Government pledges the border the right-of-way. Then private underwriting by private equity partners, energy companies, and railway undertakings to finance the business plan, environmental studies, all engineering and design plans, and the bid process to arrive at a more precise design and cost. TheGWW will be financed by newly established Nation Infrastructure Bank of Private Investors, not the Federal Government. TheBorderBank is it would be widely known as will bid out all the request for proposals to build the greatest American freight line in all of human history.

The Great Wall of Will is expected to have a $550 Billion construction cost. It would take 20 years to complete. The Private sector will provide funding, urban development, and design. The enormous cost is not a prohibitive argument nor is it a valid objection to build it. It is funded by the private sector's support and underwriting of a national infrastructure bank. When one factors in the $550 billion already misspent in decades of direct public tax dollars to provide public education, emergency health care to illegal aliens and then add the tax dollars in criminal detention, prosecution, and immigration processing at the border, plus deportation court costs, armed border patrol costs and additional welfare subsistence of 14 million illegal Immigrant population residing in the United States, this private investment in a superstructure is mere pittance to mitigate these line item to the national tax burden for centuries. 

A recent study of the expenditures to enforce the border as per the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) has increased sevenfold. The 2006 Secure Fence Act also increased this enforcement funding for 17,500 additional ICE agents from 4.6 billion in 2001 to $10.4 billion in 2006. It consumes close to half of the entire federal law enforcement budget. This figure does not include the civil service expenses to provide emergency clinical emergency care at government-run hospitals that care for domestic violence, gun crimes and auto accidents committed by Illegals. Also excluded from this math natal care, childbirths for illegal Immigrants that is mandatory by law. As well as the public education, public housing, welfare benefits, and any other forms of government subsidy for over the last 45 years. There is no end in sight to the pillage of the American taxpayer without a superstructure that is The Great Wall of Will.   

TheBorderBank's Federal Bank Charter will stipulate its limitation on loaning only to enterprises directly associated with freight line. Demarcated lands on the geographical border as a right-of-way for the transit railroad is the collateral by which the full faith and credit of the US Government are assured. TheBorderBank issues the construction loans to border state general contractors and national railroad company who wins the Request for Proposal (RFP). It can not be an understated fact the principle requirement for the success of this civil works project is a consortium of private investment bankers to believe in this vision for America. It must be bullish and underwrite the financial prospectus for an Infrastructure Bank and formulate its business plan. Then it must have the full faith and credit of the United States Government like any national bank would.

Afterword, railroad companies, shipping companies, power companies and oil and gas exploration companies will work together to pool capital to make the bank for the Great Wall of Will a profitable endeavor. It must be profitable for its investors as well as for TheBorderBank's shareholders. Each of the border states directly impacted this human onslaught, will issue tax-free general revenue bonds to finance all construction of auxiliary state roads along TheGWW right of way. This includes bids for green technologies to be added to the infrastructure itself and each State's electric utility grid. As a comparison, this bond investment must have a better return on investment, greater than or equal to, other tax-free general revenue bonds in the marketplace for a high-speed passenger rail projects of this size and scope. Such transportation projects are included in the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. 

The revenue from import and toll taxes pays off such State Bond debts infrastructure. The sale of oil exports and natural gas profit sharing, tariffs, import duties, and all-cargo transport fees that pass through TheGWW Rail line would maintain the financial viability of the project. It will be appreciative to add dividend value of the common stock of TheBorderBank TM. Imagine over two million jobs created over two decades, employing all the expertise available in urban planning, civil engineering, and the application of terrain altering excavation and demolition technologies. The usage of solar and wind power along the border is also an advantageous opportunity. Not to mention requiring all the disciplines of the construction trade putting people back to work. 

Best of all, the Federal Authority to establish the easement for the border fence along the geographical right of way is already Federal law. The Real ID Act of 2013 under Section 102 104-208 (8 US Code. 1103) can be amended by a vote of Congress to lengthen the right of way for railway purposes.  

The Federal Power Act 1960 

The border states law enforcement agencies have taken the criminal brunt of this violent illegal immigration onslaught. State government must support this economic revitalization and massive undertaking. The private ranch land directly impacted by The GWW encroachment will receive just compensation via Utility Bond interest payment all natural gas, the wind and solar energy taxes proceeds from technologies attached to the superstructure. These tax rebate entitlements will be attached to private property deeds abutting the wall. This creates the incentive to buy and sell land and facilitates an additional highest and best use appreciation to the impacted property. 

Note: The Supreme Court decision in Federal Power Commission v. Tuscarora Indian Nation (1960), established Federal authority to encroach on American Indian Reservations for power utilities under eminent power under The Federal Power Act 

Can you imagine a Hoover Dam stretching across the entire Mexican border? Can you visualize subway looking tunnels penetrating the GWW bulwark equipped with latest Backscatter X-ray, Millimeter Wave or Magnetic Resonance Imaging technology (MRI) to scan all transport vehicles for contraband and human trafficking into the United States? This scanner technology will have to be improved as to reduce the health implication at such a large scale magnetic scanner but all necessity breeds creativity the new technology will be expedited to meet this challenge. 

Beware of the Political Opposition Forces - We must not fear the change we seek!  

The politically bipolar Democratic Party and environmentalist movement and truckers unions will ignore all the nationalistic security benefits of The Great Wall of Will. They will ignore all the reasoning for stopping illegal contraband and illegals that are draining valuable resources on foreigners social services instead of the American People's needs and education. Their defenders and chief advocates at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are poised to litigate to delay the design by using the Endangered Species Act. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) will attempt to impede development in 'defense' of illegal immigrant's civil rights. Native Indian tribes will have their defenders filing lawsuits against the encroachment of their tribal lands. Many American cattle ranchers who have steer grazing on both sides of the border may not cooperate either. These groups will be in vehemently opposed to physically sealing the Border in a profitable manner. Politicians will continue their "enforce border" narrative that never materializes. Americans can expect a fully funded public relations campaigns in opposition to The Great Wall of Will. 

TheFiscals must remind the American people if the politically bipolar want to provide legal impediments the President of the United States can simply request that the Great Wall of Will be built on the Mexican side of the border. This will place the entire development outside of the jurisdiction of US Federal Courts. 

Denying the American people this opportunity to empower the railroad industry there will be no end in sight to the pillage of the American people. Most importantly, this civil works project reverses the political narrative that has plagued the conservative movement in so many national and congressional elections by the relentless rhetoric alienating Hispanic voters over the illegal immigration politics. The impact of these election defeats can be seen on the unemployment line devastating the dreams of young Americans. The issue of Illegal Immigration has only benefitted the Progressive Party of grievance; the Democrats. All these special interests will use deceit and propaganda at the expense of American labor. The 84 million presently unemployed in America who deny the Republican Party this opportunity to serve them via economic prosperity infrastructure plan that will dramatically contribute to the stabilization of the labor wages in the labor market, will be regretting it while standing at the end if food line!   

For US Citizens trying to find work, The GWW is the "end all be all," In a post-September 11, 2001 world is also the greatest anti-terror idea ever conceived, while making the quantum leap of faith as ultimate job generator on the southern border for two nations. The recent surge in deadly terrorist activities in France Belgium and Germany is destined for the American shores ultimately. America's porous border is of dire consequence as terrorists have entered repeatedly since 2001. It is a matter of time before it the moment life and death when terrorists enter unnoticed. If the Government of Mexico seeks further foreign aid, it will be a requirement for NAFTA commitments to support funding of TheGWW and accept it on their side of the Rio Grande as Mexico will be compelled to invest in this infrastructure and offer the geographical right of way on the Mexican side of the border.  

" To all those who just say, will it, it will. I say The Great Wall of Will. I will. Will you?" -MacontheRock Rampage

Look at this ridiculous desert fence on the US border

This massive iron fence in the sand desserts section of the US-Mexico border is not 'a secured' border. It appears to be, but it is a portable resting on the desert of Yuma Arizona and Calexico, California. The structure is 15-feet in height and must be lifted by helicopter periodically after shifting winds submerge the structure after sandstorms. It cost approximately $42 million dollars to erect it for (7) seven miles. If the entire southern border of 1900 miles were barricaded in this manner at $6 million per mile, it would cost $12,000,000,000.00 billion yet a sandstorm would make it easily trespassed any given day. What a grotesque waste of taxpayer money to build and maintain!! The US border enforcement political dysfunction allows for such a 'bamboozle' at the expense of the taxpayer. Why was this idea not called crazy? To all the corporatists who fund the campaigns of the political mainstream in both parties who sign on to such measures, shame on you for such an albatross.  

Keystone Pipeline revisited 

The Keystone Pipeline can be connected to The Great Wall of Will. So can the Cargo Bullet by Hyperloop Technologies TM. Let great locomotive companies and transportation companies guide America to prosperity by joining forces. Give these innovative companies a reason to be great. What more innovative way to move cargo than over the compressed air?   

Hyperloop Technologies Cargo Bullet designed for underground freight transportation    

"Border Law Enforcement has proven to be an American hallucination, not the American Dream." 

- MacontheRock 

The high-speed Concorde-style Cargo Bullet travels by levitation in air-compressed tubes built underground. The technology is similar to the method by which depositors receive their bank transactions in a canister at the bank drive-thru. This high-speed cargo transport system developed by notable investors like Shervin Pishevar, David Sacks of PayPal fame and Elon Musk of TESLA along with an engineering team of Brogan Bambrogan of SpaceX. 


Physically Sealing the Southern Border through innovation, not Police Power

We TheFiscals, are entirely persuaded that conservatism and creativity can emerge to stop the progress of statism in America. To convince a non-political, disinterested, low information, and game show voter to believe in an accountable free choice without coercion. This option must not appear to be anti-immigrant. Conservatives must concentrate on big ideas that are fiscally driven to reinvent American institutions and the commercial ecosystems. The micro-economies within American society will organically follow this lead. It is a daunting task that can be envisioned and accomplished intellectually, but the illegal immigration narrative must cease on the political platform. away. It requires the maturity of the conservative movement to realize that the Hispanic population is out-reproducing the Anglo-Saxon population by a measure of three Hispanic newborn children per one Anglo-Saxon birth.  

Note: Keep in mind, the Spanish speaking voting bloc in the United States has decided the last [5] five terms of US Presidents (1996- 2016 ).

The conservative movement has watched the Progressive Movement become the Regressive movement without offering a new idea to change course on the war on poverty for over a century. The unanswered grievances remain and the New Deal did little on the war on poverty. Neither did the Civil Right Act or the Welfare Act. ( click on the home page: American Promise icon )

What all the Progressives have succeeded at is instilling a sense of the moral bankruptcy misconstrued as social tolerance. A society without ambitions is a hapless one. Unskilled labor among our youth with endless unemployment and stagnant wages will stifle the future ability to keep the nation united as fifty states. It will disintegrate as all pinnacle power ultimately experience throughout human history. Without TheFiscals novel ideas, the unintended consequences of a pervasive social disorder of Socialist experiments have dominated federal government policy will continue. Statist Progressives as a political class within two political parties spells defeat for the American Nation. To continue to re-elect Democrats while Liberalism has failed our youth by disempowerment is irresponsible. The New Deal has failed. For Conservatives to win over the majority of registered voters, it must find a way to end the debate on Illegal Immigration. The future of the economy of the United States is dependent on this success in the public square. The exponential accelerator of economic development in the United States is reliant on a prosperous Latin America, not China. The GWW will have the most empowering effect on this outcome.

The Great Wall of Will is the embodiment of the "American Premise." 

America is evolving into an Ibero-American nation. The cultural benefit is that the Hispanic American population is majority Catholic, thus preserving Judeo-Christian business ethos. It was our Founding Fathers who desired to abandon the monarchical ways of the Europeans. It is time to fortify the relationship between the North and South America economies. It is the most abundant geography in natural resources and energies to move America forward. The North and South American reinvention of its peoples must be above all things. Europe is fast becoming Sharia economy of lawlessness as millions of Islamic exiles are invited to emigrate there.

Meanwhile, the Latin American economy is growing, but China is its largest trading partner. America as a Nation can no longer alienate themselves from the fastest growing Voting bloc either. Perhaps conservatives can concentrate on renewing our commitment to a rekindled manifest destiny that includes Spanish-speaking people of the Caribbean and South American continent. The Economic Alliance of Canada-USA-Latin America is the most powerful mega rich financial, economic powerhouse the world has ever seen. This vision has not been articulated at the presidential level since President Teddy Roosevelt's support of the Spooner Act of 1902, authorizing the purchase of the Panama Canal Zone from the French to complete this monumental civil works project. 

" To dream a little dream " requires the will of the American People, the tempo of a shepherd, the vision of a prophet, the finesse of a statesman and the initiative of a self-righteous President of The United States. This is the leadership starting point and the final destination for the security of the United States. Figuratively, The Great Wall of Will widens the path to happiness with the vast array of private sector jobs, great jobs, real jobs, high-end jobs and more jobs for decades. The alternative is predictable ... a high-security fence to nowhere while tripling the Federal budget for the national security police state. You decide.    

"The ultimate idea for the American Promise is just outside the bigger box, on the right side of history."


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