The Fiscals, Great Wall of Will

Foreign Language Embassy Guardianship School Pact

As the Governing School Act (GSA) takes shape across the nation and exclusive funding component can be developed for these types of schools. TheFiscals will also advocate for a federal statute that grants authority to the US Department of State to sign select foreign language educational compacts with friendly nations who receive foreign aid from the United States, to sponsor Parental Guardianship Schools (PGS). This PGS will be designated in the vicinity of concentrated immigrant populations from the respective sponsor nations. The sponsoring country will be required to fund a foreign language curriculum and provide instructors as language ambassadors to teach at PGS's Governing Schools. This commitment will be a requirement for future foreign aid to the sponsoring country. The governing school grant will stipulate to which primary or secondary governing school the gifting nation desires to sponsor. The Governing School must be within a fifteen-mile radius of the host nation's embassy, consulate, trade mission or Chamber of Commerce. The sponsoring country may select a governing school in an area of dense residency population within the United States of its foreign nationals. The schools will be designated as Foreign Embassy Governing Schools (FEGS).  

Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.  

—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

These foreign language pacts will accelerate the evolution of multilingual schools while eliminating the "English only" political narrative that has isolated Americans from understanding the world and limiting more young people from working abroad. The Conservative Movement's adherence to "English Only" as the political narrative is amateur rhetoric that loses elections. It just is not working for a minority party. To continue to try to win national elections on this stale narrative is ignorant and allows political opposition to benefit by the accusation that conservatives are close-minded anti-immigrant. It is static and a false assumption that the history of America prospered because we all assimilated an Anglo ‘English only' culture. The colonial union was very Spanish French, Germanic Dutch, and English. First of all, the English language was never the dominant language of early colonial America nor was Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture dominant religion in the New World. The vast majorities of territory and early settlements in the Gulf of Mexico and up the entire river banks of the Mississippi River into northern colonies were practicing Catholics from Spain and France. These settlements were established two hundred years before Protestants settlements from England. In fact, Spanish Monarchies ruled all the land from Northwestern Canada, through Central America and all of South America excluding Portuguese conquest of what is now the nation of Brazil. 

Furthermore, English was the primary language of the enemy of free American colonies. It was Spanish and French-speaking countries who were allies of liberty. It is, therefore, incumbent that Americans understand that English is not paramount to the success of the USA culturally or economically; it is quite the opposite. It was not true then and is not true now. The United States cannot compete in the global marketplace by relying on foreign translators to conduct international commerce in Latin America Asia or Europe. Latin America is America's only economic future for exports and manufacturing in the 21 Century. European trading as mentioned earlier will be diminished as their nation states disintegrate under the ineptitude of the progressivirus mental state. It is pandemic in European society today. This cognitive dissonance in business relationships is especially tricky when your foreign competitor knows the English language and American business owners do not comprehend the native language of Spanish or Portuguese consumers they are selling to. Nothing is more ignorant for a nation than not to realize that multilingual people are more successful and resourceful than monolingual people. A nation of immigrants seeking a better life in the promised land that is the United States will succeed with increased odds when they speak languages of other countries. Willing to take more significant risks to make yourself welcome outside of the United States improves quality of life. It is immigrants who always advance their standard of living in America and attributable to accelerating birth rates and more massive families generation after generations. This family dynamic is stalled with over taxation, long drawn recessions and social engineering laws like natural abortion incentivized divorce gay and lesbian marriage that is not the necessary component for any civil society to sustain a country's healthy financial ecosystem. 

There is a high cost for this upper mobility understanding new languages, new cultures, and generational customs are contributing to American society at a faster pace every decade since 1900. It has its inevitable resistance to the intellectually lazy who do not want to learn additional languages and skills. Today Spanish-speaking people are the fastest-growing segment of voters in North America. North America and South America are the most mineral-rich continents in the world. The Americas is two continents energy-rich, organically rich farmland, connected by landmass. Both have the most fertile agricultural land with the largest reservoir of fresh water on the planet earth. The abundance of these God-given realities makes the trade partnership between the two continents an essential economic union in human history. As such, it is the primary target audience of this book. 

You can never understand your own words until you understand at least two languages. 


Language Pact Governing Schools (LPGS) will be an excellent source for diplomats for the US foreign service. Students who graduate from LPGS receive preferred status in the admissions process to universities in the sponsor's host country as well. Upon graduation, these students will receive the same preferred status on foreign service job applications at the US State Department post-graduation. The goal of the LPGS and the Embassy School models is to facilitate a future class of American diplomats. It is highly anticipated that these students be educated in the ethos of conservative accountability, self-reliance not government dependency. This is the blueprint that eliminates poverty and social justice and erects a foundation on solid footing. This incongruence government policy will be the legacy the Progressive Movement's New Deal and Great Society mentality. Progressive Presidential Administration has directed their State Department to be notorious apologists for communist tyrants while the progressivirus mental state seeks peace through the rose-colored looking glass of the United Nations. Meanwhile, another generation of socialist-minded American diplomats is being trained in the art of appeasement and offering unaccountable foreign aid to Anti-American despots.  

Note: The government of Greece once subsidized much of the original curriculum at the Archimedean Conservatory School in Kendall (Miami) Florida. This support was instrumental in the Archimedean School's number one ranking among K-8 schools in the Miami-Dade County Public School system, as well as number three in the state in Florida (based on FCAT test scores as of 2013). Archimedean is a Charter School.