The Fiscals, Great Wall of Will

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The History of No-Fault Divorce  

To reverse the ill effects of no-fault Laws passed throughout the United States since 1969, divorce cannot be a rung on a Corporate ladder. The prevailing spouse cannot benefit financially at the expense of the breadwinner. Child support and alimony payments cannot be ransom in exchange for access to Children post-divorce. Fatherless homes have not been a benefit to society as the feminist at the Association of Women Attorneys had hoped back in 1948. 

This legal malfeasance was a product of overzealous feminist movement seeking punitive damages for marital infidelity. The first no-fault divorce law was signed into Law in California in 1969 by Governor Ronald Reagan as The Family Act. It was nothing about family it only incentivized divorce and while financially and emotionally crippling the middle class. The American Nuclear Family as a social class has ceased to exist as purchasing power to drive an expanding economy. It also has economically decimated the Middle-Class breadwinner more than any other Federal tax law.

I really think that technology has the greatest potential to accelerate the happiness of most things in the world. The companies that will ultimately do well are the companies that chase happiness. If you find a way to help people find love, or health or friendship, the dollar will chase that. 

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Grace Period Marriage

TheFiscals propose a grace period where parties can decide without financial consequence if their compatibility is sustainable to build a nuclear family.

In a first marriage in which neither spouse has been married previously, a (5) five year grace period will be respected for first-time newlyweds. This period begins on the date of the signing of their Probationary Marriage License and accompanied affidavit. The affidavit will disclose any assets that are acquired by spouses during their marriage. The assets, if any, are separate and equal. Dividing assets allow for indisputable identify of property assets acquired after the cohabitation grace period has commenced.

If a divorce were to occur during this time, it would trigger the division of said assets accordingly. Based solely on the mathematical computation of each spouse's financial contribution, to maintain the marital asset will be considered. This typically would include the primary residence. Other investments of intrinsic value such as stocks and bonds would be determined separately and would be divided based on monetary contribution factors.

Note: Each spouse is not encouraged to have joint Bank accounts for major purchases like a car or boat stocks or bonds during this grace period. Additionally, during this period, spouses must disclose separate asset disclosures individually, and a standard prenuptial questionnaire will be given to each party as part of the application for a Grace Period Marriage License.

After the (5) year cohabitation grace period expires, the State Family Court will issue the permanent Marriage license.

The permanent license is accompanied by a certification of the consensual affidavit. It is signed by both spouses and determines the separation of assets going forward. It will disclose all the major assets that were purchased jointly or are to remain separate (if any). Once the Family Court validates the affidavit, a Marriage license is issued with full rights and privileges of the marital partners.

If a divorce is filed at a later date, the division of marital assets is etched in stone. If the parties file for divorce within the grace period, all bets are off. Each spouse departs with what each had upon commencing the marriage. In addition, separation of assets based on mathematical percentages and not on emotion. No longer will the non-breadwinner benefit financially at the expense of the children and the primary breadwinner of the household.

The Grace Period Marriage safeguards each party's financial contribution in the same percentage as it was committed to the couple's asset portfolio. Post-divorce, each Parent, is responsible to financially support their children while in each Parent's custody. A 50/50 split on all third-party payment requirements to include ancillary expenses like school field trips, dance lessons, piano lessons, tutoring services, athletics programs, etc.

The level of Private Schooling and Collegiate Education is agreed upon during in the Grace Marriage affidavit. If not, it is to be determined by a Family Court Judge or based on the children prowess in their studies and/or a Mediated Settlement Agreement (MSA).

If children are born to the couple before or during the Marriage grace period, the asset clause in the grace period affidavit will trigger upon the birth of the first child. In this situation, separate Bank accounts for spouses in dual-income marriages will be encouraged but not mandated.