“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory, tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”
                                                                   —Sun Tsu

Priority Action Plan I - Initial Propaganda Campaign

The first course of action for TheFiscalsPac is to conduct a fundraising campaign to fund the display of seven consecutive billboards along major thoroughfares in the liberal voter strongholds of New York City, Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

The (7) seven billboard display of TheFiscals mantra:

  • "Politics is about obsessions. Obsessions come in twos.
  • Democrats are obsessed with fairness and equality.
  • Republicans are obsessed with accountability and low taxes.
  • Independents are obsessed with clarity and indecision.
  • We cannot question we live in an unfair world and the human race is unequal.
  • This is a very clear conclusion.
  • Americans must be accountable to each other without Government; you decide."

Priority Action Plan II - Rebrand the Grand 'Ol Party to 'TheGrand Party'

A. TheFiscals will establish a political caucus of bona fide Conservatives to alter the hierarchy of the Republican Party. To send a clear message to conservative youth, TheFiscals believe in a movement that desires to rebrand The Grand 'Ol Party as TheGrand party by calling for the removal of the 'Ol, at the Republican Convention of 2020.

B. We believe TEA Partiers should be at the top of the leadership hierarchy. Mainstream 'Republicans in Name Only' (RINOS) at the bottom of the policy totem pole. We are seeking Tea Partiers, Libertarians, as well as the supporters of Article V Convention of States, to get in line and form new conservative movement. If fiscal conservatives together with constitutionalists, libertarians, and TEA Partiers together we can marshal 34 states to pass the identical application to call the Convention of States. This big idea movement to reinvent the United States can commence here.

TheFiscals believe the Republican Party can be a more creative, forward-thinking political party on if we think big. TheFiscals can provide these most appealing strategies Political Caucus within a simply by way of the big idea. The future of America has always relied on the big idea that employs the most amount of its citizens for the longest stretch of time.

C. The Grand Party message will concentrate on welcoming the minority voter into the conservative tent. But first, we must remove illegal immigration narrative from political dialogue by building the great wall of will. Then eliminate the "English Only' political rhetoric as well. Both are a stale idea, not stable platforms have undermined the conservatives abilities to win filibuster-proof Senate majorities.

D. TheFiscals understand the limited government and low tax message is not appealing anymore. In fact, it is the old argument that cannot overcome statist pleas for more Federal spending. Instead, we seek to empower the [50] fifty States to collect all the taxes in the US economy then share it with the Central Government through apportionment of Copycat taxes that includes: Pallet tax, Raw Material Tax at the wholesale level and Invoice taxes at the retail level. The States will take their fair share of these as a percentage per population of each state. Additionally, the States continue collecting Real Estate Taxes, user fees, and permit fees, occupational licenses, etc.

E. TheFiscals are looking for citizen soldiers as participants. Individuals without passion and purpose need not apply. The four character traits vital to becoming one of the TheFiscals:


Never fear the change you seek.


Understanding the nature of bringing it and believing it and knowing it will.


Understanding that natural rights of man before the establishment of government, are obligations, not entitlements.


The duty is to serve your fellow man.


Expect Success.

Who are We, TheFiscals?

Just as the Democrats had the "The Blue Dog Democrats" in 1995-2010, the Republicans will have TheFiscals Republicans in 2020. We TheFiscals will position ourselves as the ones that value a business handshake above all things. We believe American commerce should be conducted by states competing for citizen residency of the hardest working Americans. We will enforce the limits placed on Central Government through US Constitution and returning rightfully tax collecting to respective State Departments of Revenue as opposed to the Internal Revenue Service. This alternative better serves the American People. TheFiscals will work to earn the trust as Convention delegates at Republican National Conventions (2020-2024-2028).

Our oath is to set a wider path to happiness that entails the total Reinvention of the United States. We call them the 'covenants' proposed in this manuscript. It applies to five areas of American society. The only method to assure the United States the opportunity to reset its moral compass headings in the direction of the more perfect union.

Our biggest ideas: The Great Wall of Will, alone would reinvent the distribution of goods across the United States while physically sealing the Southern Border with Mexico. Gitmofreezone.us will rekindle the flame in the hearts and minds of our Veterans that the United States is worth fighting for and that we still are "The shining city on a hill." 

Domestically American can be reinvented as well. Through our proposed, Family Failure Pact, Grace Marriage Period, Divorce Accountability Pact and Flat Rate Divorce laws will erase the negative paradigms of fatherless homes. The most innovative of all is the GO-ID Smart-Card TM. This card will replace the driver's license, and Voter's ID while minimizing the depth of economic recessions that causes high unemployment with local tax relief birthdays. The Congressional Go-ID SmartCard TM will eliminate the need for congressional term limits. The Balance Budget Amendment while not be necessary. It is abhorrent as a proposed Constitutional amendment. The idea that provides for the statist-socialists in America to possess a constitutional mandate to raise wage income taxes to unforeseen levels to balance the federal budget. It far better to propose a Constitutional Amendment that defines wage income whether earned by salary or on an hourly rate to be as private property not income and cannot be taxed.

TheFiscals proposed these amendments, at Article V Convention of States Florida simulations. The First Convention of the States Florida Simulation occurred in Brandon, Florida (July/2015) and the second simulation in Jupiter, Florida (Oct/2015)

Article V of the United States Constitution reads verbatim:

"The Congress, whenever two-thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three-fourths several States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress; Provided that no Amendment which may be made prior to the year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eight (1808) any manner affect the first and fourth Clauses in the Ninth Section of the first Article; and that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate."

The Change We Can Relieve In

The Republican Congressional Majority from the year 2000-2004, along with a Republican President George W. Bush with the creation of The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) marshaled in the largest expansion of the Federal Government in US History. From that day forward it is impossible to sustain the filibuster-proof majority in the Senate and win a national election as Republicans on a "Limited Government and low tax pledge. As Political narrative is stale and disingenuous. The less Government low tax mantra falls on deaf ears with the apolitical American Voter. We term them the 'Game Show Voter." This type of voter seeks to be entertained by the politician's campaign as if he or she is coming over for dinner.

Since most voters do not thin slice nor know the details of the political issues to make an informed decision, their sentiment takes over. This hollow message requirement makes it difficult for conservative demanding accountability to the constitution to win a (60) sixty Republican Senators needed for decades to reinvent the nation's progressive paradigms. The Republican Party has not had 60 Senators during a legislative session since 1909.

Independents make up mass majority of the "game show voters". Independents are more likely to identify with liberals but are ashamed to associate with the policies that have not worked to reduce poverty and increase tolerance amongst the citizenry. Most think they get a prize if they correctly guess who will win at the ballot box. Independent became this way by being embarrassed by bipolar liberals and totally disdain conservatives who go to war no matter how threatening the enemy is. Here is my synopsis: Politics are about obsessions. Obsessions come in two's. Liberals are obsessed with fairness and equality. Conservatives are obsessed with accountability and low taxes. Independents are obsessed with clarity and indecision. We live in an unfair world. The human race is unequal. This is a certainty. We must be accountable to each other without the government. You decide. 

Most Voters are non-political and do not attribute their personal income tax as a determining factor in their economic success or failure. Couple that reality with the actual voter turnout on Election day, it is obvious that real Conservatives prefer to abstain from voting than voting for a moderate in a primary. The General Election often become a contest of two statists as a result. Keep in mind the minority of citizens over eighteen years of age actually, vote in most elections. Most citizens do not employ people nor take on capital risk as small Business owners., therefore are not impacted adversely by excessive taxes. As a result, this same voter most likely fears a World without the largess of the American Government to keep them secure. Although this is a false sense of security, it is a reality. The non-engaged American Population mostly benefits from Government largesse in one form of subsidy or a Government Entitlement Program. When a Republican President with 100% support of the Republican Congress in both the US House and Senate voted to create Homeland Security, the largest Government agency in History, small Government premise falls on deaf ears. 

We TheFiscals will continue to profess the gargantuan size of Central Government in Washington DC., as demoralizing to the American People with statism policies and a devalued US Dollar. It's this politically correct Central Government Political class that mandates how the States receive Federal Dollars to administer vital Civil Services for its residents. Chief amongst them is the Compulsory Public Schooling. Health Care and Welfare systems and Retirement savings through Social Security are also to be included in this assessment, as each has redefined what self-reliance entails. This accepted practice has bankrupted the US Treasury at the expense of loss of Liberty. Collateralizing Federal land to several Foreign patrons namely the Government of State-Capitalist China is a very harsh reality.

"The clearest path to happiness is not providing equal avenues to pursue it, but rather to widen and pave the road so creativity can enlighten it, then all joy will follow."

                                                                                                           -MacontheRock Rampage

                                                                                                                              WSQF 94.5 LPFM

                                                                                                                              Blink Radio Key Biscayne, Florida

Along with the Covenants as stated TheFiscals, TheFiscalsPac will advocate for the passage of "A Legislative Year of Repeal." Every [12th] Legislative year commencing in the year of passage of the law a legislative freeze on new legislation is called. Both Houses of Congress can only sponsor on the floor the repeal of laws. This exercise will compel congressional staff to work diligently to research and investigate thousands of duplicate laws throughout all Federal departments. Chief amongst them are those Laws that impede the passage of the Ten Covenants. Of the Ten, several are Executive Orders, [3] three are State Statutes, [3] three are Federal Statutes, [2] are Executive Order and Initiatives, and [2] two are Constitutional Amendments.

Although a TEA Party President is a most likely candidate to want to reinvent the United States, any conservative leader with the charisma, creativity, and vision can empower to fruition a grand idea when it is proposed. We put forward the most novel outside of the bigger box ideas that by positive affect not effect which are all on the right side of history. If Conservatives continue to lack initiative with bold alternatives to Democrats social engineering projects, they win at raping the decency in American society. The Politically Bipolar Statist agenda has infiltrated all three major political parties. It will prevail much longer than the last hundred years without these bold initiatives.

If this political bipolar disorder continues unabated in American Universities, Liberal Progressives quest for a one Party system will prevail. Regardless of their policy failures passed into law from 1912 until 2012 to reduce poverty and diminish the desire to financially succeed to then pass the wealth to the next generation, of 'progressivirus' embedded liberalism. These brainwashed masses understand the compelling normalcy to accept grievance, plight, and falsehoods made by the Federal Government. Mediocracy is the norm and being excellent to each other is not. This is a radical departure from our Founding Father's intent for the creation of a Free Society incomparable to any other in human history.

TheFiscals ask Americans to re-evaluate what is considered extreme or radical. We TheFiscals believe that the $18 Trillion National Debt is extreme. We also believe that our largest trading Partner is Communist China, an adversary in the World to also be radical. China's Economy grew at a 7% rate over the last twenty years while America's grew at 1.25%. When China's Economy implodes or Chinese Middle Class presently at 340 million people, surpass America's purchasing power of the 90 million Middle Class, what becomes of The United States economy and quality of life? =HYPERINFLATION and commencement of the separation of the several states into a smaller economic partnership with its own currency ecosystems reminiscent of Colonial days of failed paper 'specie' currency and two failed Central Banks.

"The Liberal mind is a bipolar mind. Liberals easily dismiss the obvious underachievement of their policies upon Society. They do not acknowledge where government legitimizes poverty a permanent state of being. Under the effects, FDR's New Deal and LBJ's Great Society poverty has increased as a percentage of the US population since. It is incumbent upon the Democratic Party to make a better argument why the people of the United States should continue supporting their effort in the war on poverty known as the FDR's "New Deal" and the LBJ's "Great Society." The Progressive Movement has failed in its enlightened quest to elevate the social mobility of Americans after 100 years of unquestioned political power and eleven filibuster-proof US Senate majorities. May it rest in peace RIP Progressive Movement (1912-2012) as a political theory. It is regressive to human nature. 

In reality, the turn of the 20th century, statist-liberals consisting of Northeast intelligentsia advocated for a set of social engineering laws that evolved into regressive social-economic diaspora for its citizens. Social Security, Federal Income Tax on wages, Civil Rights Act and debased premises on the separation of Church and state are perfect examples of such laws. All of them were driven by ideological fallacies based on feelings of grievance of the populous as a group without regard for the empowerment of the individual. As a result, Government's coercive powers have not had a corrosive effect on society limiting the economic purchasing power of the individual while thwarting the industrial spirit of many innovators by making it impossible to manufacture in the United States.

The Inheritance Tax is a fine such a law. If the Declaration of Independence was a proclamation to the sovereignty to pursue happiness how can leaving your whole your inheritance to your next of kin to better their pursuit of the same happiness not be the culmination of your happiness?

The vivid evidence of an over-regulated economy and high tax imposed on the breadwinners is a declining birth rate. Especially amongst the self -reliant class needed to fund entitlement programs liberal statists advocate for. This politically bipolar. If The Progressives and codependent Republican in name only continue to perpetuate this debased philosophy that has failed all of Europe, it will be impossible to discourage Americans from going down in history as the first free people to vote themselves out of existence."   

                                                                                                            -MacontheRock founder, WSQF 94.5 FM 

*** The big ideas proposed in this ebook are called The Covenants. It is named herein in recognition of Senator Henry Cabot Hodge [R-Mass] effort to include Article X in the original Covenants of the League of Nations. It was intended as 'poison pill' to prevent its passage. His insistence as a condition for his support killed the League of Worldwide Socialists altogether in 1919. This is the 'Ultimate Affect" described in this manuscript.

***Today the worldwide Congress of International Socialists lives on at the United Nations. This assembly of Nations mostly made up of tyrants, socialists and despots get to sit on the Human Rights Commission. Thus making a mockery of civil rights and freedom of individual liberties as Statist Communists at UN Security Council undermine the United States at every turn. The United States should evict the United Nations from New York, New York. 

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