The Fiscals, Great Wall of Will

TheFiscals want the American People to consider these series of questions that would explain why no political party or leader in the Executive Branch will attempt or successfully to reduce the size o and scope the United States Government.

What is the largest economy in the world? Most agree on it is the United States free market economy.

What is the second largest economy in the world? Most would agree with it being, The People's Republic of China.

What is the third largest economy in the world? Most would debate whether Japan and India's economy is in third place.

Neither Japan or India are in third place. The third largest economy in the world when one quantifies the dollar value of economic activity generated by all the procurement plus the value of all it land assets, energy deposits on federal lands, ,for all its federal departments with its accompanying payroll for its employees and sub-contractors as well as its hard assets like: maritime fleets, air forces tanks, and other vehicles, additionally its real estate holdings in the form of military bases worldwide, The United States Government as a stand-alone institution that exclusively prints its own currency at will, and pays debtor nations is in the US dollar to pay back its debt to the United States, the third largest economy in the world is the United States Government (by itself).

No elected person or political party would ever attempt to reduce the size of government where everyone in the world is qualified to steal from it simply by doing business with the US Government.