The American Dream is the Delusion of the Broke

"Modern Liberals are so sophisticated in their indoctrination techniques and distorted rationale that conservative must recognize it as a political bipolar disorder that is embedded in any perplexed mind. It spreads like a computer virus, from Parent to child as generations suffer from cognitive dissonance masked by enlightened thoughts of equality and virtual success and a false sense of upper mobility. Victory requires sacrifice, obedience to cause with total accountability for your shortcomings. These beliefs of self-empowerment to overcome unanswerable societal grievances by act government is fleeting with each passing day. How much more liberated would we be as Americans if we found a firewall for this social-political virus that scratches so many young people psychological hard drives, so they do not want to win?" 


TheFiscals will seek to introduce Progressivirus as a noun into The Urban Dictionary, 

Progressivirus as stated in the Urban Dictionary


A pervasive counterintuitive political philosophy of a delusional mental state where the majority of citizens experience an auto-symptomatic reflex to expect government paternalism and coercion to mitigate unanswerable societal grievances while the financial bankruptcy of Local, State, and Federal Government is it's only outcome.


A political mental state that disparages individualism by denying, disseminating and disparaging all explanation of human failures' rooted in poor judgment, poor choices and lack of individual accountability when pervasive in society leads to social class disenfranchisement in the spirit of the well being of the collectives failure.


A political bipolar disorder of counterintuitive socio-economic philosophies affecting large masses of people to dismiss, deny, and defuse the corrosive effects of activist government in its attempts at replacing the head of household's parental authority over the American nuclear family in exchange for single parenthood and negative birthrates amongst the very economic class of citizens necessary to fund programs into the future.


Any political paradigm that rewrites the hierarchy of government responsibilities to disguise its motives to control citizens by over taxation and inability to achieve upper mobility or to pass on wealth to next of kins upper mobility.

Used in a sentence: The progressivirus minded political liberal is so divested in the accountability of the individual to make good decisions as a primary ingredient of prosperity, they promote a child-rearing narrative which advocates social engineering for establishment of the collective to the degree it procures high tax lifestyle that drives down birth rates of the self-reliant class eventually eliminating the vital social class necessary to fund with their taxes the expanding government dependent calls in majority welfare state into the future.

Politically Bipolar Case Study in Political Progressivirus

The two most contradictory political issues defended by the Democratic Party is Global Warming and the Pro-Choice Movement. These subjects dominant two social justice special interest groups. This is the opportunity to analyze the progressivirus mental state that incubates in the mind of a statist liberal. Both are well funded political organizations and are well positioned to distort scientific data incongruently and remain unblemished as a legitimate authority on both subjects. 

In the Global warming argument, the environmentalist movement wants you to believe the so-called proven science, and in the pro-choice movement, they want you to ignore the proven reproductive science. Nevertheless, on the political spectrum, only this mental state of political bipolarity can one market both issues with such ferocity and duplicity.

On the environmental front, environmentalist insist on adherence to the scientific evidence that greenhouse gasses from human industrialization has caused the temperature of the earth to rise and thus melting the polar ice caps creating sea level rise worldwide. The science completely ignores the activity of the solar flares on the sun's surface daily exploding thousand of miles from the sun's inner sphere as well as the alternating size of the mass of the Sun as a minute to minute very fluid activity. These factors cannot be disassociated with or discounted from the effect it has on the temperature on earth.

On the human embryonic science narrative, the pro-choice advocates want you to ignore the scientific evidence that a human fetus in the womb although not fully developed does sense temperature, noise, fear and discomfort in the womb. Resonance imaging (MRI) evidence show defensive reaction by the fetus to the intrusion of the abortionist's cannula and cranioclast tools during an abortion. The fetus must recognize fear and threatened if it is on the defensive avoiding the tool. The fetus is, therefore, suffering pain during its demise. The abortion procedure is a violent act against a fetus in the womb. The criminal law considers the life of a fetus in the womb when it charges a murderer of pregnant women with double homicide.

Psychoanalysts consider these theories as delusional thinking of high disorder. For this mentality to dominate a political party's national platform, it must reach a level of mass indoctrination of susceptible liberal minds to become a political reality.

Two different political arguments defended by the same irrational application of the scientific evidence, We TheFiscals have coined it as a symptom of political bipolarity called a "progressivirus."  

A progressivirus mental state believes the Central Government is a collaborator in your quality of life and is qualified to be a director of your destiny and mine. The statist in power with the progressivirus fully develop in his/her psyche to write a poor script then casts a mediocre cast of characters and proceeds to direct your future in a drama of poor legislation as a part of the storyline with the following finality for the American people:


Any public policy premise that attempts to normalize a debased concept of equality, by redefining government coercion as the natural law of tolerance.


The Liberal orthodoxy of tolerance without regard for behavioral accountability that is consistent with a lack of manners or etiquette.


Any sense of right and wrong institutionalized by social engineering dictums that over time, embeds in society an intellectual false impression of equality as a proper paradigm.


The legal theory of Jury instructions called "beyond reasonable doubt" that reconfigures a legal sense of conscience, diminishes sound judgment of guilt and superimposes the demand for justice as impartial tolerance, a false sense of benevolence, that manifests into a community, unqualified jurors. Thus society as a whole incapable of reaching a guilty verdict or administering a death penalty.


Any political theory that superimposes the function of government role as the theater company in which its members are the enlightened directors in your life's drama or purpose.


Any politically correct philosophy is projecting a superior hierarchy of taxing authority on labor and inheritance over the higher tax on profit income from investment, that de-incentivizes upper mobility of its citizens and desire to reproduce large self-reliant family units.

NOTE: The appearance of these effects on American society is the total social breakdown of the oblivious underclass raised in secular single-parent households and a growing community of illegitimate children unemployed with no discernible skills or surnames. Because of this family upbringing suspect loyalties to their community, country, as well a sense of haplessness for future prospects of self-reliance with no hope to resolve life unpredictable injustices and problems. 

Liberals have successfully marketed the activist government as a religion since 1912. Government's inability to provide for a better life for Americans has proven to be self-evident. Only capitalism cures these inadequacies and provides the ambition to reward greatness for society as a whole and provide the wealth to provide upper mobility and raise the disadvantaged out of poverty. Liberal Progressive thinking is the premise of counter-intuitive philosophy to coerce people into conforming to government-managed social engineering projects to attain equality. This is regressive thought on its face. TheFiscals call it the progressivirus because it acts very much like a computer virus without a firewall. The debased attitude is passed from generation to generation by elders, parents, mentor or authoritative figures that discourage young people to contribute by self-improvement and proactivity to contribute to a democratic republican society. The outcome of these false paradigms and dictums is the infantilization of the future of the middle class. This statist approach to mitigating societal ill is leading the next generation into intellectual servitude.

The American people have been led by the nose to go to the polling stations to cast a vote without real knowledge of the issues or the character of the candidates they are voting for. This requires individual desire and motivation to seek the facts and disallow intuitions to manipulate based on media imagery propaganda, short sound bites we hear on the television as repeated catchphrases heard at the water cooler at work or expressed by the streetcorner storyteller. These incomplete sentences or thought by others have taken as fact permits entire generations to lead rudderless lives. This quickly becomes a society without purpose. In the vacuum, the government is more relevant in daily life than hegemony between citizens in a community assisting one another without government intrusion. The age-old fallacy that Government's role in society is to be a better caretaker for the lazy and poor while failing in the veteran of war is a perfect example of this dystopia. This is not a rational public policy or sustainable for the nation with a volunteer army. Imagine a day when no one would enlist in the military? This is a classic political cognitive dissonance that has brought down pinnacle powers in the past. We TheFiscals simply rephrased it as the progressivirus infected outcome. 

Since Statists only seek to be directors, they will never reform or change course. This political circumstance cannot be overemphasized in this manuscript. Statists will always believe the people are the bad actors not the script in their storyline, not their poorly written screenplay. Whether on the right side politics or the left, liberal statist especially, will lead us on a long meandering path to unhappiness, until we eventually realize it is only a 'cul de sac' of unanswered grievances. A society in melancholy will not realize high tax serfdom finally implodes into civil disobedience and strife. In this scenario, the Democratic Party are the lions of this dangerous jungle. A wilderness lacking sunlight always in the comfort of the shade sustains poverty until it succumbs to it. The by-product of this mediocrity is a majority political party of grievance of registered as Democrats or the twice the size of registered Independents. Both political parties are so fragile that simply eliminating the IRS, the Democratic Party would no longer be politically relevant in American society. 

                                                                                                                          "I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        - Thomas Jefferson

This politically bipolar philosophy has dominated the highest levels of academia from 1912 to 2012. Psychiatrist Dr. Lyle Rossiter has studied the liberal's mental disorder. He shares his findings in his book called "The Liberal Mind'. He understands the similarities with those affected by bipolar personality disorder and criminality. It is clear that the similarities are abundant between both. Common in both persons is distorting equality with the benevolent right instead of a human commitment to each other. The premise that the collective one can replace an individual desire to overachieve and to prefer to live someone else's life in a virtual world is the falsehood. It is also an impossibility of a great distortion to instill such delusions of well-being to the American People. Psychologists out of the mainstream, have clearly found evidence that the belief in collectivism facilitates ineptitude, and the inability for a large group of citizens to reach for a better life. The Religion of Government as a political theory must cease. It will not lead to the eradication of poverty or peace on earth. Totalitarianism-Socialism and another form of statism have murdered and starved more people than any other form of government system the world has ever known.

Time and time again, Nation-States have attempted communal based societies, and have failed to advance upper mobility and for its citizens. The false perception that Government's role in society is to replace the role of the community's religious institution's inspiring hope prevails until bankruptcy. Government leaders as inspirational provocateur only lead to an aimless society of unhappy people overtaxed. Government regulation suppresses initiative. It disguises its institutional incompetence and ineffectiveness. Inefficient Government is what statist liberals in big business need to profit at the expense of the average breadwinner or young laborers. Even German Philosopher Karl Marx author of the Communist Manifesto in 1848 expresses an understanding of the power of the people to refuse to pay taxes to any King Monarch or High Preist as means to the ultimate people's revolution. Yet with great duplicity, Marx includes the gradual income tax as one of the vital pillars for the achievement of a utopian society without social classes. The following explanation by Marx perfect understanding of the power to tax and a misuse libertarianism ethos by a communist trying to explain to the German people right to oppose the illegitimate government by refusing to pay taxes. This theory cannot disguise the political bipolarity of totalitarianism.

The Federal Government of the United States was once guarantor of liberty and guardian of self-reliance. Today it has been reframed by statists as a Life Insurance Company for low-income wage earners and a small army of low-wage soldiers.   


Gentlemen, the public prosecutor has described the refusal to pay taxes as a measure "which shakes the foundations of society." The refusal to pay taxes has nothing to do with the foundations of society.

Generally speaking, why do taxes, the granting or the refusal to pay taxes, play such a role in the history of constitutionalism? The reason is very simple. Just as serfs purchased privileges from the feudal lords with ready money, so did entire nations purchase privileges from feudal monarchs with ready money. Monarchs needed money for their wars with foreign nations and especially for their struggle against the feudal lords. The more trade and industry developed the greater grew their need for money. But the third estate, the middle classes, grew to the same extent and disposed of increasing financial resources; and in the same degree, they purchased liberties from the monarchs using taxes. To make sure of these liberties they retained the right at definite intervals to renew the monetary obligations, i.e., the right to vote or to refuse to vote taxes. You can trace the details of this development especially well in English history. 

In medieval society, therefore, taxes were the only bond between the emerging bourgeois society and the ruling feudal state. This bond compelled the state to make concessions to bourgeois society to meet its obligations and adjust itself to its growth. In modern states this right to grant and refuse taxes has been turned by bourgeois society into a means of controlling the government, the body administering its common interests.

You will find that partial tax refusal is an integral part of every constitutional mechanism. This type of tax refusal operates whenever a budget is rejected. The current budget is voted only for a definite period; moreover after being prorogued the chambers must be reconvened after a very short interval. It is impossible for the Crown to make itself independent. Rejection of a budget means a definite tax refusal if the cabinet does not win a majority in the new chamber or if the Crown does not nominate a cabinet by the wishes of the new chamber. The rejection of a budget is, therefore, the parliamentary form of a refusal to pay taxes. This form could not be employed in the conflict under consideration because a constitution did not yet exist, but had first to be produced.

But a refusal to pay taxes as it occurred here, a refusal which not only rejects a new budget but prohibits even the payment of current taxes, is by no means exceptional. It happened very frequently in the Middle Ages. Even the old German Imperial Diet and the old feudal Diets of Brandenburg passed resolutions refusing to pay taxes. Nor is there any lack of examples in modern constitutional states. The refusal to pay taxes led in Britain in 1832 to the downfall of Wellington's cabinet. And in Britain, it was not Parliament which decided to refuse taxes, but the people who proclaimed and carried out this decision on its authority. Britain, however, is the historic land of constitutionalism.

Far be it from me to deny that the English revolution, which brought Charles I to the scaffold, began with a refusal to pay taxes or that the North American revolution, which ended with the Declaration of Independence from Britain, started with a refusal to pay taxes. The refusal to pay taxes can be the harbinger of unpleasant events in Prussia too. It was not John Hampden, however, who brought Charles I to the scaffold, but only the latter's own obstinacy, his dependence on the feudal estates, and his presumptuous attempt to use force to suppress the urgent demands of the emerging society. The refusal to pay taxes is merely a sign of the dissidence that exists between the Crown and the people, merely evidence that the conflict between the government and the people has reached a menacing degree of intensity. It is not the cause of the discord or the conflict, it is merely an expression of this fact. At the worst, it leads to the overthrow of the existing government, the existing political system. The foundations of society are not affected by this. In the present case, moreover, the refusal to pay taxes as a means of society's self-defense against a government which threatened its foundations.

                                                                                                          (Karl Marx, Neue Rheinische Zeitung No. 231 and 232, 1849)

This imaginative social condition is passed on through generations through Public schooling by cause and effect teaching experiments and stimuli, and response experimentation methods were to ascertain if people "feel knowledge" instead of coping skills to overcome objections and redeem themselves after failure. This ability is the most valuable human asset to accomplish tasks under pressure and make deadlines. The power of education is to instill based on curiosity using an acute sense of resourcefulness not able to answer trivia on multiple choice test.

A disbelieving social disorder evolves in schooling while in fact, it is a regressing the human desire to succeed. This disorder is similar to a person who is suffering from Bipolar disorder, feeling more positive, less depressed, less moody and then stops taking his or her medication because he did not need it in the first place. This false sense of equalities has created Liberal Government entitlement programs that are fallacies of self-control. It also procures a lax unaccountable divorce law that has led the Nation into moral bankruptcy as 50% of Americans cannot provide for a nuclear family. This social disenfranchisement that [50%] of our population is dependent on a Government subsidy in one form or another. Any generation of Americans that fall into this secular belief system will continue to elect advocates of statism in perpetuity. Conservative methodology has morphed into suspect conservatives judge appointed to the Supreme Court, by Republican Presidents. 


Earl Warren


William Brennan


John Paul Stevens


David Souter


Harry Blackman

In the liberal world of conformity suffer from Social Stockholm Syndrome as well. Without conservative theories prevalent in Public Universities the emotional firewall as to why government policies are falling the intent of upper mobility, the American Dream is now insomnia. TheFiscals also called this a symptom of the psychological computer like virus embedded in the attitudes of young minds in socialized public schooling. Conservatives have been in the minority philosophically and as a political party since 1909. Today's Republicans have succumbed to this conformity of the Progressive Movement. As a minority party, the GOP suffers from Political Stockholm Syndrome. As a result, conservative does not legislate with a sense of conviction and without purpose in fear of the liberal mass media and print press. Voicing moderate, compassionate dogma instead of big bold ideas to advance ambition and promise is no longer a paradigm in the United States. It is as if the original framers of the US Constitution were not suspect of Centralized Monarchial Reign.

As this entitlement society of single-parent households expands, its insatiable appetite more subsidy and benefits without political power increases. Instead, it's buying power decreases, but the cost government becomes unaffordable as well cost of living. The "affect" is the unrealized gain from the duty to act. Instead, the effect is a low birth rate manifested amongst the self-reliant class. This is the particular socio-economic class of taxpayer a statist politician needs to fund the entitlement programs it advocates. It will come a time when Social Security payments for future generations will cease. Then a precipitous, less productive citizenry, overwhelms the wealthier minority that can no longer subsidize the social malaise through higher taxes. It abandons their real estate holdings. The community as whole leaves as it becomes unable to raise their children in a safe environment, the uneducated becomes the norm as this class grows, productive citizens move to safer surroundings, leaving urban blight in their wake. The remaining class grows up homeless as adolescents, and as feckless adults that become unemployable, with a lack of manners and decorum. Their children will have no respect for Police authority, and their peers are incapable of ascertaining guilt or innocence as a Jury in criminal courts.  

 This statist Political Bipolar disorder is pervasive in all sectors of a free society. It lacks the moral compass for its believers. It has no true North. It is obvious the American voter's attitude today is to elect the same rudderless leaders it did in 1912, 1932 again in 1960, 2008, 2012. This sense of equality is delegitimized when the voter fails to choose a leader without obedience or purpose. , their acolytes have permeated mass media, in the US Court System and its political class in Washington DC. Our adult communities and its youth have been unwilling to oppose these debased class of citizens.

"Today statist liberals have reached their intellectual crescendo. No one believes the rhetoric, but if you are in the American middle class with a job, living paycheck to paycheck or without a job it still living from the unemployment check and the outstanding credit card debt may still believe. The majority of Americans suffer damaged psychological hard drives thinking they will ultimately retire with a Social Security check with no firewall to believe otherwise. Americans are reluctant to 'thin slice' their reality. Voters in this predicament continuously vote for the Über liberal government paternalism. Citizens in these generational destitute circumstances will ultimately go down in history as another pinnacle power went extinct. This time via the ballot box. Americans can no longer afford to fear the change they seek."


Concrete Conservative, WSQF 94.5 LPFM Blink Radio Key Biscayne, Florida

TheFiscals seek to redefine The American Dream by reinventing it as the American Premise. TheFiscals do not refer to the word 'reform.' Reform is not in our lexicon. We prefer to use the word REINVENTION >>>>>>> going forward in this manuscript.

The first order of business is to reinvent the Public School system Nationwide, State by State, School by School, with the passage of The Governing School Act.

This amendment empowers parents to call the vote in their School, to empower themselves with the right to act as Guardians of the School's Administration budget. In doing so, it creates surpluses to reinvest in expansion and modernization of the School facility. Accountability by local auspice will eliminate dilapidation and overcrowding in Schools as well as curriculums of the mind control techniques in textbooks that suppress creativity and individual thought. The Socialist based bond financed Public School system that siphons taxpayers money from performing Schools to underprivileged Communities is disingenuous. Modernization of the unnecessary district bureaucracy and Teachers Union hierarchy based on tenure, not an achievement is it's the only achievement. The ultimate goal of the spreading the Governing School Act to all 50 States is to eliminate the US Federal Department of Education.  

At the University level, Progressive Industrialists are notorious for their desire to centralize all financial power by financing all the white paper research to legitimize direct power to themselves. These white papers advocated a philosophy that Federal Government entitlement programs would accelerate upper mobility. All it succeeded at was a consumer based economy without savings and elderly people outliving their savings. Today, the American People need to be subsidized on the back of the future population's productivity that is less committed, less educated to fill jobs in the 21st Century economy. This is the prime example of a 'progressivirus' political mentality. 

It is articulated and taught in Public Schools and Universities; it embeds an attitude that spreads envy and resentment because the fix is in and explains why most do not get ahead in life. It also subjugates reasoning with dismissive indifference about preparation and redemption. This behavior forms a sense of enlightenment attached to civil rights, not obligations while ignoring the obvious; a society of high divorce, high single parenthood, high tax, high dependency requires oblivious low information voters.

Expanding poverty unintentionally also accelerates abortion rates. it is no coincidence that post-No-fault divorce law's passage the dramatic increase in low birth rates amongst the middle class commenced in 1970. This law also undermines the future taxpayers into the belief they need not save for retirement as the infamous 'Ponzi' scheme that is Social Security will be available forever. Include Medicare and Medicaid gives people no reason to have savings and continue the comfort to spend all their money during their working lives. This social business plan prospectus bankrupts the United States. This mental malady in America can only end when big ideas are foisted on People who do not fear the change they seek voting straight ticket voting for Conservative TEA Partiers and Libertarians.

The empathy needed to address the injustice in society are only prevalent in the private marketplace of ideas and accountability of consciences of religious faiths, not Government rules and regulations. To believe that any positive result will bear fruit for Society, other than the rotten expansion of Government malaise and inefficiency, is a Liberal personality disorder. This welcomes activist Government instead of justice for the self-reliant and contributors to the well-being of society. I will never be provided for by Government. The Liberal is prone to be susceptible to the progressivirus embedded philosophy of activist Government. It's code to attain the power to seek Statist objectives by conditioning the poor or disadvantaged minorities to win Elections. Most debased individuals fail to recognize that the powerless are who trust in the Government to deliver on promises it cannot keep. They are encouraged to seek significance by pleading for more laws that require more money carried out by the Government to address their grievances. Sometimes individuals who grow up poor and disadvantaged realize power is in the mind and spirit of the person without coercion and behavioral control.

" You cannot change the way you feel because your mind is not your friend. But changing the way you conclude regardless of the feeling by default, will modify the way you act about what you think. If your mind were your best friend it would have more answers than questions."


If you still believe in elected Government and the two political party's good cop/bad cop narrative, is not bankrupting America think again. What would happen in a third-party system? If you continue to vote for Statists in either party, you will continue to have unanswered grievances. This personality disorder incubates in your mind as well as your child as both of you are educated by a progressive teacher in public school. As an adult, it finds justification at the University level into accepting the notion of Government as a solution to society's problems. The media you are subjected to only seek television ratings, not the truth. Print media even more so. The truth does not factor in profitability. Truth and goodness are not salacious, far too mundane to sell enough copies in print and seconds in commercials. Instead, it promotes any negative event or controversy that is trending on a newswire can portray Conservatives as the 'bad cop' against protecting the advantaged class and Liberals as the 'good cop' looking out for the dependent class. Meanwhile, by 3-1 margins liberal outnumber conservative on the millionaire lists.

Our Founding Fathers envisioned the United as the States of America not the United States in America. Why do intelligent accept the "easy sell" from Politicians? The easy sell is Liberalism, and Statism is its macroeconomic formula for profit as first established by the Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt Presidencies which were 20 years apart. In each era, it was sold differently. In Theodore's time, his version was the "Fix It" narrative with large civil works projects and modernization and expansion of the US Navy. Franklin's formula instituted "The Fix" by entitlement subsidy. 

"It is not the dogmatic conservative message of the Republican Party that loses national elections, and it's the debased Political Lies of Liberalism and grievances that win them."

“In name we had the Declaration of Independence in 1776; but we gave the lie by our acts to the words of the Declaration of Independence until 1865; and words count for nothing except in so far as they represent acts. This is true everywhere; but, O my friends, it should be truest of all in political life. A broken promise is bad enough in private life. It is worse in the field of politics. No man is worth his salt in public life who makes on the stump a pledge which he does not keep after election; and, if he makes such a pledge and does not keep it, hunt him out of public life.” 

                                                                                                               - President Theodore Roosevelt